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Melissa has been a Godsend.  She has helped me get perspective on my children- what they need to be successful and how to best guide them to that.  She reminds me of the long-term goals and what's realistic in the short-term.  She's sympathetic and compassionate when I share my parenting failures and excited for me when I share my successes.  She approaches parenting support from a holistic lens that considers the whole family's needs, family dynamics, environmental, financial, and psychological limitations.  She's non-judgmental and recognizes that parenting is hard under the best of circumstances and even harder when there are challenges.  In just a couple of months, I'm starting to recognize improvements in myself and my parenting as well as in my kiddos behavior.  It's a journey, but it's nice to know there is someone who can help me navigate it more successfully.

Martha (Durham, NC)

Melissa is a fantastic parent coach. She really helped us through a tumultuous time, as two exhausted parents with a baby and a preschool-aged child. She is kind and encouraging and takes an individualized approach, focusing not just on parenting frameworks and methodologies but also on really getting to know our family, including our and our children's temperaments and our priorities and realities as a family, so that her recommendations and guidance were grounded in what we needed and what was realistic for us at the time. We're so thankful for her!

Petra (Cary, NC)

Melissa has been an amazing resource for my family. Her knowledge in childhood education and development is comprehensive, and her empathic approach makes her an outstanding coach. I’d highly recommend reaching out if you are looking for any type support or feedback on anything related to raising children.

Desiree (Boston, MA)

She's the best!  Melissa was kind, caring and helped my daughter grow into the wonderful child she is today.  I highly recommend working with Melissa.  You won't find anyone better!

Ari (Brooklyn, NY)

She helped us raise our middle son and we use the skills she taught us every day.  She is calm, loving, and filled with deeply researched advice.  I give her my highest recommendation.

Tamara (New York, NY)

Melissa helped our family tremendously as a phenomenal parenting coach, most notably in the transition from 2 to 3 kids.  She offered practical advice on all things from navigating challenging behavior and setting expectations to the right language to use and positive approaches.  We are grateful that Melissa offered us tools grounded in her expertise in education, in a way that was customized to our needs.  Working with Melissa is refreshing and her energy is contagious.

Kira (Brooklyn, NY)

Melissa was instrumental in getting my two children through various developmental milestones.  She supported my kids AND US PARENTS (!) as we struggled through things like potty training, proper sleep cycles, and tips for managing healthy relationships between our kids...Melissa was patient, but gave our family the tips and confidence to power through.  Can't recommend her enough!

Noah (Brooklyn, NY)

Melissa genuinely cares about supporting other parents on this journey...She has a weather of knowledge and is able to evaluate and provide actionable steps to help parents overcome so many of life's hurdles...It takes a village to raise children and I highly recommend you let her be a part of that village we are all so desperately looking for. Melissa can help.

Emily (New Haven, CT)

Melissa is a parenting guru! She deftly guided us through bumpy toddler milestones, and gave us executive functioning strategies to stay sane during the dark days of Covid- both kids and parents alike. Melissa helped us read between the lines of school and psychological assessments, and most importantly coached us to advocate for the interventions our student needed. We're so grateful to have Melissa in our corner- thank you!!

Tamar (New York, NY)